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Katie Ainsley

Breast Cancer Survivor

Katie Ainsley is the owner and certified clinical thermographer at Thermography Of Brevard, LLC. Katie is married and has 5 kids and is a breast cancer survivor. She is passionate about helping women prevent breast cancer.

Are you tired of getting squished? Are you nervous about the radiation from mammograms? Did you know there is a safe way to monitor your breast health? Thermography is a pain free, radiation free, non-invasive screening test. Thermography can detect breast cancer cells 8-10 years before those cells would form a mass that could be detected on a mammogram. Thermography shows physiological and vascular changes in breast tissue. It shows your risk factor for developing breast cancer BEFORE you actually have breast cancer. One of the biggest benefits of thermography is that it gives you time to correct and reverse disease.


Whole Body Wellness

Thermography is not only for breast cancer detection! Thermography can detect dysfunction and physiological changes throughout the body. It can detect thyroid dysfunction, liver, kidney, spleen, esophagus, uterus, ovaries, inflammation in the carotid arteries, systemic inflammation, DVT and more. Our office has taken extra precautions during this unprecedented time with extra cleaning and sanitizing. And as always there is absolutely no physical contact and the patient is one on one with the thermographer. We offer: breast, regions of interest, women’s health study, upper body, lower body and full body scans.

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