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October Breast Special!

It's October!!

October brings everything PINK! As a breast cancer survivor, I am more interested in helping women PREVENT breast cancer. Everyone is well aware of breast cancer, but most do not know that there is a screening tool that can actually help you "see" the breast cancer cells YEARS before those cells become a tumor! Knowing your risk gives you time to DO something to PREVENT cancer! For the month of October only, we offer an incredible discount - only $125 for the breast scan!

The schedule will fill up fast! Call, text or email to schedule your appointment - (321) 312-0363, If you schedule by email or text please include three dates and times that would work for you and I'll try to accommodate you as best as I can.

Grants are available for those who qualify. Go to for more info and to apply!

Please spread the word and share with your friends and family! I don't want anyone to miss out!

Don't forget to schedule YOUR appointment! (321) 312-0363 and follow us on our Facebook page!

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