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Valuable Information on Breast Health and Breast Thermography

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Regular thermography scans are an important part of maintaining breast health awareness. We've compiled some informative articles that explain in detail why breast thermography should be high on your priority list. We hope these resources will be helpful to you as you seek to learn more about thermography and how it can improve your breast health.

"Thermography can detect the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease." Thermology Online - Read more

“Why Thermography Just Makes Sense” and MORE. Breast Cancer Conqueror - Read more

“So mammograms cause a lot of problems – the compression, the radiation. Studies have shown that they can increase your risk of cancer. And the new study that came out in Canada, it was a 25-year study where they found that mammograms did not decrease breast mortality rate at all. In fact, they were just as effective as a self breast exam that women do.” The Truth About Cancer - Read more

“One of the most prevalent cancers among women is the breast cancer. Accurate diagnosis of breast cancer at an early stage can reduce the mortality associated with this disease. Infrared Breast Thermography, which is a screening tool used to measure the temperature distribution of breast tissue, is a suitable adjunct tool to mammography. Breast thermography has many advantages as it is non-invasive, safe and painless.” Role of image thermography in early breast cancer detection- Past, present and future - Science Direct - Read more

“Thermography seeks to identify the presence of a tumour by the elevated temperature associated with increase blood flow and cellular activity. Of particular interest would be investigation in younger women and men, for whom mammography is either unsuitable or of limited effectiveness.” Advanced integrated technique in breast cancer thermography - PubMed - Read more

“Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer of women in North America. The National Cancer Institute of Canada estimates that 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 27 will die from the disease.” A Comparative Review of Thermography as a Breast Cancer Screening Technique - Read more

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